Editor in Chief

Prof. Dr Dejan Markovic, DDS, MSc, PhD

Dear colleagues,

For the last twenty years, the Balkan Journal of Stomatology (now the Balkan Journal of Dental Medicine) has succeeded in spreading and encouraging scientific thinking among dentists in the Balkans. The Balkan Stomatological Society lies on strong foundations built with the professional cooperation and communication among peers, while the Balkan Journal of Dental Medicine in its written form bears testimony to the persistence, development and evolution of the scientific thinking in this region.

The aim of The Balkan Journal of Dental Medicine is to continue the tradition of the Balkan Journal of Stomatology by promoting dentists’ efforts aimed at professional development and research throughout the region. In addition, the Journal seeks to introduce the world’s latest findings and achievements in dentistry to the Balkan region.  So as to accomplish our mission, I am sure we will enjoy a great support from numerous eminent lecturers from the BaSS Congress and the assistance of the distinguished Editorial Board members, whose reputation and work guarantee high quality and respect.

It is our ongoing mission to advance dental medicine and promote science by publishing high-quality papers relevant to everyday dental practice. The previous XIX volumes, numerous authors who have published their work in them and the bright future we strive for compel us to regard the Evidence-based Dentistry as both our goal and responsibility.

To move with the times, we have joined the large community of open access journals, upgraded the design and prepared an online edition. Thus we have provided scientists and professionals with an easy access to scientific papers, as well as with the opportunity to contribute to creating the new future of the Journal.

We are going to pay a special attention to young researchers, since we are eager to support their efforts in making the-first steps in the world of scientific publications so that they can become the great future of dentistry.

Science has no borders and it spreads across nations with an intention to broaden one’s horizons, assisting one’s need for success and arousing one’s curiosity. With its positive energy, scientific thinking occupies human mind purging it from everyday worries and leading it towards the light. This is why it is essential for ideas and achievements to be written down in order that they can become one’s incentive and challenge while being a part of the collective memory rather than a mere recollection or some unfulfilled plans of an individual.

24.03.2016. Belgrade


President of the BaSS

Prof. Dr Dragoslav Stamenkovic, DDM, MSc, PhD

Dear distinguished colleagues, dear ladies and gentlemen,

It is my honor and privilege to be at your service as the president of the Balkan Stomatological Society following in the footsteps of many inspirational leaders of this Society.

Twenty years ago, a group of enthusiasts founded the Balkan Stomatological Society at the 1st Balkan Dental Congress in Thessaloniki, Greece, in 1996. The main idea of establishing such an association in the Balkans was to bring general practitioners and specialists in different fields of dental medicine closer together and enable the exchange of personal experience, scientific data and information concerning contemporary preservation of oral health, diagnosing and dental treatment.

I have witnessed the Society evolve over the last decade to become a vibrant and ever growing association, embracing change yet keeping core values, above all, those of friendship and cooperation. These were the initial reasons that attracted me to the Society and subsequently to become more involved.

With the Society’s ultimate aim of promoting high quality dental care, in recent years we have broadened the scope of BaSS activities, especially during the Congresses (lectures, hands-on training, exhibitions) and a modernized, on-line with open access, Balkan Journal of Dental Medicine. None of this could have taken place without the dedication and commitment of the Council and its members, whose exceptional work will surely be continued.

I’m very happy and proud to be a part of the BaSS, which lies on strong foundations built with sincere enthusiasm and efforts of my predecessors. The Society is now strong, sustainable and sure to achieve new horizons.

However, without the support of its membership, there cannot be true progress. We would therefore like to hear from you, and for this, all lines of communication are open. So, please visit our website as often as you can. We would also encourage you to volunteer to be part of any of the committees and working groups, and will continue to update you on all of our activities through our BJDM as well as the website.

The BaSS welcomes to its membership all who are engaged in the dental profession and are concerned with the latest achievements in dentistry. We are open to all suggestions on improvement, and of course welcome topics related to annual congresses.

With kindest regards, I wish you a lot of success in all your endeavors!

24.03.2016. Belgrade



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