Vol 23 – Issue 1

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Marizela ŠabanovićSemir SaltovićAzra Avdić MujkićMidhat Jašić and Zerina Bahić
Impact of Propolis on the Oral Health
Balk J Dent Med, 2019;1–9

Aleksandar SovticTamara PericPredrag Minic and Dejan Markovic
How to Maintain Oral Health in Children with Respiratory Diseases –Literature Review
Balk J Dent Med, 2019;10–14

Bożena MroczekMałgorzata Anna LichotaGrzegorz Trybek and Anna 
Change in Patients’ Self-Reported Quality of Life before and after Dental Implantation
Balk J Dent Med, 2019;15–19

Bilal Ozmen
Evaluation of Permanent First Molar Tooth Loss in Young Population from North Turkey
Balk J Dent Med, 2019;20–23

Zoi-Despoina TzimaNikolaos EconomidesChristos Gogos and Ioannis Kolokouris
A Prospective Clinical Study of the Efficacy of Hyflex CM Rotary Instruments in an Endodontics Undergraduate Program
Balk J Dent Med, 2019;24–30

Slavoljub ŽivkovićMilica Jovanović-MedojevićJelena NeškovićMarijana Popović Bajić and Marija Živković 
Efficiency of XP Endo Shaper (XPS) and Irrigation Protocol on the Quality of Cleaning the Apical Third of Root Canal: SEM Study
Balk J Dent Med, 2019;31–35

Lampros IntzesZoi-Despoina Tzimaand Christos Gogos
Comparative Evaluation of Resistance to Cyclic Fatigue of Three Rotary Endodontic Ni-Ti Instruments
Balk J Dent Med, 2019;36–39

Aleksandar ĐorđevićMirko MikićJelena Stanišić and Filip Đorđević
Modern Trends in Prosthetic Implant Rehabilitation of Patients: Case Report with 5-Year Follow-Up
Balk J Dent Med, 2019;40–44

Hend Mahmoud Mohamed Hegazi
Mini-Implants and Zirconium Crowns in Treating Congenitally Missing Maxillary Lateral Incisors: Case Report
Balk J Dent Med, 2019;45–49

Tugcenur Uzun and Orcun Toptas
Papillon-Lefévre Syndrome: Case Report and Genetic Analysis
Balk J Dent Med, 2019;50–53