Vol 22 – Issue 3

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Savvas Kamalakidis, Vassiliki Anastassiadou, Afrodite Sofou and Argirios Pissiotis.
Success of Complete Denture Treatment, Detailed Investigation of Construction Protocols, Occlusal Schemes and Evaluation Questionnaires
Balk J Dent Med, 2018;115–122

Triantafyllia Vouzara, Maryam el Chares and Kleoniki Lyroudia.
Separated Instrument in Endodontics: Frequency, Treatment and Prognosis
Balk J Dent Med, 2018;123–132

Burak Apaydın, Derya Icoz, Fusun Yasar and Faruk Akgunlu.
Evaluation of Mandibular Anatomical Formation for Gender Determination in Turkish Population
Balk J Dent Med, 2018;133–137

Hülya Çankaya, Pelin Güneri, Joel B. Epstein and Hayal Boyacıoğlu.
Awareness of Oral Complications and Oral Hygiene Habits of Subjects with Diagnosed Diabetes Mellitus
Balk J Dent Med, 2018;138–145

Maria-Elpida Kalaitzoglou, Charalampos Beltes, Eleni Kantilieraki and Panagiotis Beltes.
Study of Internal Morphology of Root-Canal Treated Single-Rooted Mandibular Second Molars in a Greek Population
Balk J Dent Med, 2018;146–149

Melih Özdede, Elif Yıldızer Keriş, Bülent Altunkaynak and İlkay Peker.
Morphometric Analysis of Greater Palatine Canal via Cone-Beam Computed Tomography
Balk J Dent Med, 2018;150–156

Evangelos Ximinis and Dimitrios Tortopidis.
Electromyographic Activity Changes of Jaw-Closing Muscles in Patients with Different Occlusion Schemes after Fixed Prosthetic Restoration
Balk J Dent Med, 2018;157–162

Gülay Altan, Sabri Cemil İşler and İlknur Özcan.
Stafne Bone Defect in Anterior Mandible
Balk J Dent Med, 2018;163–166

Sheikh Bilal Badar, Robia Ghafoor, Muhammad Hasan Hameed and Natasha Anwer.
Conservative Management of Displaced Horizontal Root Fracture in Vital Maxillary Premolar: a Case Report
Balk J Dent Med, 2018;167–170

Damla Torul, Mehmet Cihan Bereket and Enes Özkan.
Management of Large Residual Cyst in Elderly Patient with Decompression Alone: Case Report
Balk J Dent Med, 2018;171–174