Vol 21 – Issue 1

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Harutyunyan A., Pissiotis A.
Biomechanical Outcomes of Tooth-Implant-Supported Fixed Partial Prostheses (FPPs) in Periodontally Healthy Patients using Root Shape Dental Implants.
Balk J Dent Med, 2017; 21(1):1-11.

Dalopoulou A., Economides N., Evangelidis V.
Extrusion of Root Canal Sealer in Periapical Tissues – Report of Two Cases with Different Treatment Management and Literature Review.
Balk J Dent Med, 2017; 21(1):12-18.

Veneti K., Stafylidis S., Kafkia T., Kourakos M., Antoniades K., Zilides C., Dalampiras S.
Demographic Characteristics, Referrals and Patients’ Accessibility to an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic.
Balk J Dent Med, 2017; 21(1):19-23.

Synarellis A., Kouros P., Koulaouzidou E., Strakas D., Koliniotou-Koumpia E.
In Vitro Microleakage of class V Composite Restorations prepared by Er,Cr:YSGG Laser and Carbide BUR.
Balk J Dent Med, 2017; 21(1):24-31.

Majstorović N., Čerče L., Kramar D., Soković M., Glišić B., Majstorović V., Živković S.
Examination of Scanner Precision by Analysing Orthodontic Parameters.
Balk J Dent Med, 2017; 21(1):32-43.

Jovanovski S., Popovski J., Dakskobler A., Marion Lj., Jevnikar P.
The Influence of Crown Ferrule on Fracture Resistance of Endodontically Treated Maxillary Central Incisors.
Balk J Dent Med, 2017; 21(1):44-49.

Cicmil A., Govedarica O., Lečić J., Mališ S., Cicmil S., Čakić S.
Oral Symptoms and Mucosal Lesions in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2.
Balk J Dent Med, 2017; 21(1):50-54.

Anitua E.
Treatment of Biphosphonate-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (BRONJ) Combining Surgical Resection and PRGF-Endoret® and Rehabilitation with Dental Implants: Case Report.
Balk J Dent Med, 2017; 21(1):55-59.

Demiray F., Korkut E., Gezgin O., Şener Y., Bostancı B.
Adams-Olıver Syndrome: a Case Report.
Balk J Dent Med, 2017; 21(1):60-64.

Vlahović Z., Mikić M.
3D Printing Guide Implant Placement: A Case Report.
Balk J Dent Med, 2017; 21(1):65-68.