Vol 19 – Issue 3

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Al Mochamant IG, Fotopoulos I, Zouloumis L.
Dental Management of Patients with Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Balk J Dent Med 2015;19(3:)124-127.

Akan E, Tala Mese I.
Does Surface Finishing Method Can Alter the Color of Monolithic Zirconia Restorations.
Balk J Dent Med 2015; 19(3):128-131.

Sidiropoulou S.
Study of Craniofacial Relations and Facial Types in Greek Population with Normal Occlusion.
Balk J Dent Med 2015; 19(3):132-140.

Dervisouglou T, Matiakis A, Zaraboukas T.
Peripheral Gingiva Giant Cell Granuloma: A Differential Diagnosis Approach among Gingival Overgrowths: A Case Report and a Brief Review of the Literature.
Balk J Dent Med 2015;19(3):141-144.

Nitescu DC, Solomon S, Ursarescu I, Martu I, Martu C, Martu S.
Relation between Chronic Periodontitis and Prevalence of Head-Neck Carcinoma in Association with Quality of Life.
Balk J Dent Med 2015;19(3):145-149.

Boatca M, Hurjui L, Rudnic I, Nicolaiciuc O, Martu S.
Clinical and Biological Study of Rheumatoid Arthritis Influence on Salivary Biomarkers in Patients with Periodontal Disease.
Balk J Dent Med 2015;19(3):150-152.

Solomon S, Ursarescu I, Pasarin L, Nistor I, Veisa G, Martu S.
Assessment of Oral and Periodontal Parameters in Patients with End-Stage Chronic Kidney Disease.
Balk J Dent Med 2015; 19(3):153-157.

Ursarescu IG, Pasarin L, Solomon S, Martu A, Martu S.
Clinical Assessment of Drug AdjunctiveTherapy Effects in Association with Chronic Generalized Periodontitis and Osteoporotic Disease.
Balk J Dent Med 2015;19(3):158-162.

Martu A, Popa I, Luchian A, Martu I, Oanta C, Martu S.
Evaluation of the Efficiency of 2 Types of Periodontal Probing.
Balk J Dent Med 2015;19(3):163-166.

Oanta C, Pasarin L, Ursarescu I, Martu A, Martu S.
Impact of Oral Health Education and a Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy on the Quality of Life of Patients with Diabetes Mellitus.
Balk J Dent Med 2015;19(3):167-170.