Vol 19 – Issue 2

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Chatzopoulos GS.
Oral Health Conditions of Older People: Focus on Balkan Countries.
Balk J Dent Med 2015;19(2):59-64.

Athanasiadou E, Kakoura F, Dermata A, Dabarakis N.
Adults with Dental Erosion – Could This Be a Clinical Sign of Anorexia or Bulimia Nervosa? How is a Patient with Eating Disorders Approached?
Balk J Dent Med 2015;19(2):65-70.

Marković D, Rakašević D, Trišić D.
Application of High-Power Diode Laser and Photodynamic Therapy in Endodontic Treatment – Review of the Literature.
Balk J Dent Med 2015;19(2):71-74.

Kontonasaki K, Bakopoulou A, Theocharidou A, Theodorou GS, Papadopoulou L, Kantiranis N, Bousnaki M, Hadjichristou C, Papachristou E, Paraskevopoulos KM, Koidis P.
Effective Cell Growth Potential of Mg-Based Bioceramic Scaffolds towards Targeted Dentin Regeneration.
Balk J Dent Med 2015;19(2):75-85.

Tortopidis D, Kourtis S, Kountouras K.
Restoration of Endodontically Treated Anterior Teeth with Cast Metallic Post or Prefabricated Fiber Post Placement.
Balk J Dent Med 2015;19(2):86-91.

Robo I, Qafmolla R.
Influence of Prosthetic Crowns on Gingival Fluid.
Balk J Dent Med 2015;19(2):92-95.

Dervenis K, Koutroulis A, Chatzopoulos G, Kapralos V.
Technical Quality and Associated Iatrogenic Errors of Endodontic Treatments Performed in Extracted Anterior Single-Rooted Teeth by Preclinical Undergraduate Students.
Balk J Dent Med 2015;19(2):96-100.

Akkus E, Turker SB.
Evaluation of Surface Treatment Methods on the Bond Strength of Zirconia Ceramics Systems, Resin Cements and Tooth Surface.
Balk J Dent Med 2015;19(2):101-112.

Koray M, Ozcan I, Alkan B, Kesmez O, Tanyeri H.
Immediate Implant Placement: Report of Case Series.
Balk J Dent Med 2015;19(2):113-115.

Dervisoglou T, Matiakis A.
Oral Ulceration Due to Methotrexate Treatment: A Report of 3 Cases and Literature Review.
Balk J Dent Med 2015;19(2):116-120.