Vol 18 – Issue 1

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Chatzopoulos G, Tziafas D.
Molecular Basis of Human Enamel Defects.
Balk J Dent Med 2014;18(1):5-16.

Gökçe K, Benderli Y, Kazak M.
Effects of NaOCl or Combination of NaOCl and Various Acids on Dentin Surface Morphology: A SEM Study.
Balk J Dent Med 2014;18(1):17-23.

Kalampalikis E, Koulaouzidou EA, Koliniotou-Κοumpia E, Helvatjoglu-Antoniades M.
The Influence of Topical Fluoride Application on Colour Stability of Aesthetic Fluoride Releasing Restorative Materials.
Balk J Dent Med 2014;18(1):24-28.

Unur M, Ofluoglu D, Koray M, Mumcu G, Onal AE, Tanyeri H.
Comparison of a New Medicinal Plant Extract and Triamcinolone Acetonide in Treatment of Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis.
Balk J Dent Med 2014;18(1):29-34.

Carcev M, Gjorgev D, Tozija F, Petanovski H.
Content of Fluorine in Drinking Water in FYR Macedonia.
Balk J Dent Med 2014; 18(1):35-37.

Kokoceva-Ivanovska O, Carcev M.
Ultra-Structural Changes of the Early Childhood Caries Starting Phases of Development.
Balk J Dent Med 2014;18(1):38-40.

Papathanasiou I, Vasilakos G, Baltiras S, Zouloumis L.
Ridge Splitting Technique for Horizontal Augmentation and Immediate Implant Placement.
Balk J Dent Med 2014;18(1):41-47.

Fisekcioglu E, Ozbayrak S, Erseven G, Olgac V.
Oral Pseudolymphoma: A Report of 2 Cases. Balk J Dent Med 2014;18(1):48-51.

Malkondu O, Kayahan MB, Sayınsu K, Argın K, Kazazoğlu E.
Prosthodontic Management of a Patient with Oligodontia: A Case Report.
Balk J Dent Med 2014;18(1):52-56.