Vol 17 – Issue 2

  icon2 Radojkova Nikolovska V, Popovska M, Minovska ABelazelkoska Z. Influence of Hyaluronic Acid in Periodontal Tissue Regeneration. Balk J Dent Med 2013;17(2):61-64.
  icon2 Evlioglu G, Koray M, Ak G, Nekora-Azak A, Topcuoglu N, Sancakli E, Alpkilic E, Kulekci G. Candida Albicans and Staphylococcus Aureus in Obturators Used for Rehabilitation of Maxillary Defects. Balk J Dent Med 2013;17(2):65-69.
  icon2 Uludamar A, Kulak Ozkan Y, Üner N. Efficacy of a Mouth Spray on Denture Microorganisms: An In Vitro Pilot Study. Balk J Dent Med 2013;17(2):70-74.
  icon2 Gokce K, Ersoy M, Ozel E, Sabuncu H. Effect of Different Light Curing Systems on Surface Hardness of Composite Resins. Balk J Dent Med 2013;17(2):75-78.
  icon2 Benderli Y, Gökçe K, Kazak M, Gürsoy T. SEM Comparison of Acid-Etching, ER,CR:YSGG Laser and Combined Treatment on Dentin Surfaces. Balk J Dent Med 2013; 17(2):79-86.
  icon2 Pop Acev D, Gjorgova J. Remineralisation of Enamel Subsurface Lesions with Casein Phosphopeptide – Amorphous Calcium Phosphate in Patients with Fixed Orthodontic Appliances. Balk J Dent Med 2013;17(2):87-91.
  icon2 Toseska-Spasova N, Dzipunova B, Gjorgova J, Kanurkova L.  Relationship between Lower Incisors Crowding, Incisor Position and Craniofacial Morphology. Balk J Dent Med 2013;17(2):92-100.
  icon2 Tomov G, Lambrianidis T, Zarra T. Tissue Damage after Inadvertent Citric Acid Extrusion during Root Canal Treatment: Report of a Case. Balk J Dent Med 2013;17(2):101-106.
  icon2 Mikrogeorgis G, Pantelidou O, Thomaidis V, Lyroudia K. Acute Pain of the Trigeminal Nerve Due to Amalgam in the Mandibular Canal: A Case Report. Balk J Dent Med 2013;17(2):107-109.
  icon2 Güler N, Saydam B. Odontogenic Pathologies of Dental Follicles in a Patient with Multiple Impacted Teeth: Are They Innocent? Balk J Dent Med 2013;17(2):110-112.



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